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B.W. Gustafson Construction

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Maintenance Plan Options

Basic Plan

$119 per month

$1285 per year 

(SAVE 10% when you pay annually!)


  • Home Maintenance Logbook
  • Inspect Fire Extinguishers (2x annually)
  • Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection, Testing & Battery Replacement (up to 8 smoke detectors & 4 carbon monoxide detectors per property, 2x annually)
  • Exercise Electrical Breakers (2x annually)
  • Test GFCI Outlets (2x annually)
  • Test/Maintain Windows/Doors Qualifying as a Fire Escape (1x annually)
  • Inspect Stairs/Railings (1x annually)
  • Light Bulb Replacement (performed as needed each visit)
  • HVAC Filter Change (up to 2 units per property, 4x annually)
  • Vacuum Hot/Cold Registers & Exhaust Fan Grills (1x annually)
  • Inspect Toilets for Proper Operation (2x annually)
  • Reverse Ceiling Fan Operation Direction (2x annually)
  • Test Hot Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve (up to 2 units, 1x annually)
  • Interior Plumbing Function & Leak Inspection (2x annually)
  • Roof/Door/Window Leak Check (1x annually)
  • Tub/Shower/Kitchen Caulk Inspection (1x annually)
  • Test All Accessible Electrical Switches & Outlets (2x annually)
  • Clean Faucet Aerators (1x annually)
  • Exercise Plumbing Shutoff Valves (1x annually)
  • Tighten Bathroom Accessories (1x annually)
  • Recommend Necessary Maintenance/Repairs (each visit)
  • Up to 4 hours of labor when you need it for maintenance/repairs (materials not included)

Advanced Plan For Houses

$179 per month

$1933 per year 

(SAVE 10% when you pay annually!)

Includes ALL of Basic Plan, PLUS:

  • Test for Gas Leaks
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning 
  • Kitchen Downdraft Filter Cleaning 
  • Refrigerator/Freezer/Wine Cooler Coil & Condenser Cleaning (up to 2 units,)
  • Inspect/Replace Door Weather Stripping 
  • Inspect Window/Door Caulking
  • Clean HVAC Coils & Condensers (up to 2 units)
  • Clean Sink P-Traps (Up to 6, 2x annually)
  • Garage Door Inspection, Adjustment, & Lubrication (up to 2 doors)
  • Hot Water Heater Sediment Flush (up to 2 units)
  • Lubricate & Adjust All Accessible Doors & Windows 
  • Inspect/Adjust Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Hardware
  • Inspect Refrigerator Ice Maker Hoses
  • Inspect Washing Machine Hoses
  • Inspect Dishwasher Hoses
  • Clean Dishwasher Filter
  • Winterize/Un-winterize Hose Bibs (2x annually)
  • Check Hose Bibs for Proper Operation
  • Inspect for Evidence of Uninvited Guests
  • Attic Space Analysis
  • Home Exterior Analysis
  • Gutter Cleaning & Roof Debris Removal
  • Exterior Pressure Wash (up to 1600 sq ft.; $10/additional 100 sq ft.)
  • Additional 2 hours of labor when you need it for maintenance/repairs (total of 6 hours annually; materials not included)

Advanced Plan for Condos & Townhomes

$149 per month

$1609 per year 

(SAVE 10% when you pay annually!)

Includes ALL of Basic & Advanced Plans EXCEPT:

  • Exterior Pressure Wash
  • Gutter Cleaning & Roof Debris Removal

Are Materials Included?

Yes. On all maintenance plans, any necessary materials are included, such as, but not limited to, light bulbs, smoke & carbon monoxide batteries, and HVAC filters for the Basic Plan, and weather stripping, hose bib insulation, and caulking for the Advanced Plan.

*Note: any additional repairs outside of plan inclusions will result in material charges.

Can I Change My Plan?

Yes. You may change your plan at any time. A prorated rate will be issued to your current billing cycle.

How Do I Make Payments?

Payments may be made via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) or check made payable to B.W. Gustafson. You have the option to pay in monthly installments, or save 10% by choosing to pay annually.